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to revive the struggling economy. their economy has been hit by western sanctions over its nuclear program. president ahmadinejad. >> it is an election year. ahmadinejad used most of his time in parliament to defend his government post policies and to talk about how because of his government the country has advanced in just about every sector over the past eight years. but that is not what people wanted to hear. it wanted to hear about the economy and what he plans to do to fix it. in the past eight years, but prices have jumped on just about everything, but the value of the currency has dropped about 70%. the president blames international sanctions against iran's central bank and oil- based economy. he said sanctions are putting pressure on the people and that's what the enemy wants. >> they are against the constructive plans of the parliament, country, and the nation, but they make other excuses for their actions. they're just against iran pose the advancement and impairment. prezioso took shots at his critics and the wallpaper. he said part of the problem with the economy is that the w
and lied about it for years. the latest data out of china suggests the world's second biggest economy may be getting back on track. analysts have welcomed the news. some have cast doubt over the reliability of the figures. >> they call it the world factor. china has the world's second- largest economy. it is showing signs of rebound that could help it emerge from the worst economic downturn in 30 years. it is good news in the economy that has stagnated. economic stability is vital as the new leaders takeover. there are questions over whether some of the figures tell the whole truth. last month, the export figures had controversy as some experts call in numbers incredible. the figures increased by 14.1% in december. in november, it was just 2.9%. the data is important because it indicates how china is doing and how much money people will want to invest. china says the figures are reliable. >> there are a lot of debates about how accurate the chinese data are. in general, it is problematic. if you compare china to other developing countries, chinese statistics are of the best quality among
economy. the financial well-being of the american people is not leverage to be used. the full faith and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. you can count on that the things i have said in the past, the belief we have to have stronger background checks and we can do a much better job in terms of keeping these magazine clips with high capacity of the hands of folks that should not have them. the assault weapons ban is meaningful and those of the things i continue to believe make sense. will all of them get through this congress? i don't know. >> welcome back. these of the stories making headlines. france is sending more troops to end terrorists linked troubles. the united nations is meeting over west african troops the health of the army defeat the rebels. france wants the security council the speed of the deployment of more than 3000 soldiers to form an intervention force. and a cleric that he calls a long march says he wants government dissolved by tuesday morning. he says he wants an end to government corruption. >> of the government in power is making
of the two-year-old conflict which continues to take a toll on the syrian people and their economy. >> a coptic christian airline worker in britain has won a legal battle after claiming she was subjected to religious discrimination. the european court of human rights said british airways should not have ordered nadia to should not have ordered nadia to hide it across that she
spend the gold to kickstart the european economy, but the government has strongly ruled out that idea. al jazeera, berlin. >> thailand's navy has increased patrols to try to stem the flow of refugees from myanmar. more of them are entering thailand legally to try to escape harsh conditions and ethnic violence. this report from southern thailand. >> tired and confused, they arrived on foreign soil. 88 refugees spending more than 10 days at sea after leaving western myanmar. they said they had no choice but to leave. >> the soldiers would take women and daughters and rape them and then turned them back the next day. we had no freedom. we could not go anywhere. we had to make our own future. >> myanmar is predominantly buddhist, and the muslim minority are largely seen as illegal immigrants from neighboring bangladesh. after fighting between bouterse and muslims last year, more than 100,000 left homeless. this was all happening at a sensitive time for thailand. it has been ranked as a tier 2 nation on the watch list for human trafficking. if it is ranked again this year, it will drop to
economy. al jazeera comic cairo. >> survivors have been marking the anniversary of the concordia along with relatives who died. it is one year since a crashed into rocks. a number of events have been held there to market the date. >> this is part of the rocket that ripped open the whole of the costa concordia. some of the people who survive the disaster in family members who didn't hear it on the first anniversary, the coast guard has revealed new pictures of that night. they showed the dramatic rescue of more than 4000 people, some shelling to keep their balance and the dark. -- struggling to keep their balance in the dark. hundreds of survivors have returned to the islands. he was in the ship's casino when it crashed. he survived by climbing into a lifeboat. >> i was playing roulette when i felt a loud crash. it fell all over the place. in the music room, at the piano was on the floor. there was a hard crash. >> in the islands church is packed with some of the people who knocked on its door a year ago looking for shelter. it is not just on giglio that people are looking. there have a
at a time when the country is trying to fix a sick economy. >> survivors have been marking the investors of the casta concordia disaster along with the relatives of the 32 people who died. it has been exactly one year since it crashed into rocks. charlie was there. >> this is part of the rock that ripped open the hull of the casta concordia. it is being replaced where it lay before the cruise liner crashed into it a year ago. some of the people who survived the disaster, and the family members of the 32 people who didn't laid wreaths. >> they showed the rescue of 4,000 people, some struggling to keep their balance in the dark when the ship became tilted. hundreds of survivors have returned to the island. he came from venezuela. he was in the ship's casino when it crashed. he survived by climbing into a lifeboat. >> i was playing roulette when i felt a loud crash. the table, games, equipment fell all over the place. pianos were all over the floor. people were thrown to the ground because of the hard crash we felt. >> a mass in the island's church is now packed with some of the people who
is struggling to fix its economy. al jazeera, cairo. minister hasance escaped onunharmed after a bomb exploded near his car. it is not clear if he was the target. two of his guards were injured. he made headlines when members of his security team were arrested on terrorism charges. security officials in libya city still have no information about who attacked a italian diplomat in benghazi. the car came under fire on saturday. several bullets hit the car window but the consul was not injured. it is where the attack on the u.s. consulate took place last year, which resulted in the death of the ambassador and three of his employees. explosions in several afghan villages -- trying to recover the bodies of four taliban fighters killed in a battle with nato troops, but they may have been wearing suicide bests -- that has not been concerned -- confirmed. the parliament of has been removed for failing to provide security. 96 people were killed there on thursday. most of the victims were shia muslims. many of the families are still refusing to bury their dead. -- then's prime minister shia there want t
, strengthening our economy, good education, but of course in the campaign a little part of it is about my scottish and this. we have the slogan, i am a mac. that is a campaign on the internet where people say we want david mcalister tuesday prime minister of lower saxony because we're doing a successful job. >> mcalister and his union are expected to get the biggest proportion of the vote, but they need the government as coalition partners, and their current partners, the free democrats, not that the 5% of the votes needed to have a seat in parliament, meeting the coalition government of the future may be headed by the opposition. that is a predicament faced by the german chancellor angela merkel. why she cares so much about this race. she made seven campaign appearances with mcalister. what happened in lower saxony is said to be a dress rehearsal for the general election in september because the free democrats are doing dismally on the national stage. voters here care about regional issues first and foremost. >> social issues are important. we have families with nurseries, infrastructure
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9